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Do you have a suggestion for a future product that Small Scale Innovative should produce?


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Custom Project?

At Small Scale Innovative we make idea's come to life!


Do you have a custom project that you would like to get done? At Small Scale Innovative we are more than happy to do custom projects for our clients and customers. We can do everything from designing, printing and packaging for your custom project.


Getting started


To get started in a custom project please email us below the following-


  1. Photo of the sign(s) (Unless New Design)

  2. Size of signs (In Inches) (We also offer the suggested scale size)

  3. Type of pole desired. *No poles are optional (Examples: Wood, Stained Wood, Steel with color, H Beam Steel ect)

  4. Quantity of sign(s) - *Rate is based below

*Please fill in number one through four above in the email text below. After your email is sent we will respond to you within five business days.

               Base Rate               

  • Qty: 1 - Custom Sign Plus Artwork Design - $20.00 Each (Type Of Pole Included)

  • Qty 3+ (Same Sign Design) - Custom Signs Plus Artwork Design - $10.00 Each (Type Of Pole Included)


Rate does change varied on project. Please contract us below for an exact rate.


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