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Small Scale Innovative is a small upstart business founded in 2016 and is dedicated to producing HO scale model railroading layout accessories.



 By Ryan Distad. Founder and owner of Small Scale Innovative


I've been into trains all of my life. I was raised next to a railroad track and watched trains every day. I started in the model railroad hobby at a young age. I built my first layout at four years old. After collecting models for most of my life I began work for a traveling model railroad distributor that sold trains at train shows throughout the Midwest. My boss and good friend fueled me the idea to start this business by suggesting that I should craft HO scale signs, so I gave it a shot. After I produced a various line of signs as they became very well-liked by the model railroad community. The community was impressed by the amount of detail and realism compared to other manufactures. I was then given suggestions for various signs, it went from there. I handcraft each sign to insure I put out a solid product that I can stand behind along with bringing a whole new aspect of detail to the scenery portion of model railroading. I enjoy crafting them as well to help expand the hobby with every product produced and sold. Since the start we have expanded past signage to lights, figures and more accessories with a growing inventory for the community to enjoy.

Since 2016; Small Scale Innovative Has Reached

Over 25,000 Customers internationally!

+100,000 Product Purchases Reached!

Shipped to 40+ Countries!



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